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I purchased my first show dog, a Lhasa Apso, in 1991. Lhasa Apsos of my breeding can be found in pedigrees around the world, and I am pleased to see the success they have enjoyed. I became interested in the Biewer (pronounced "BEE-va") in 2012 and have been active in Biewer clubs and forums ever since. My priority is to establish a line known for good health, soundness in structure as well as elegant type through diverse pedigrees. All of my breeding dogs are DNA profiled, health tested and enrolled in the UC Davis Genetic Diversity Study. I believe in transparency and cooperative breeding with the principles of population genetics. 

Biewers von Lamel are recorded in the AKC/FSS and registered with UKC.


Pet puppies are placed with a non-breeding agreement and come with a Puppy Starter Kit, up-to-date shots, vet exam and a Lifetime Guarantee against hereditary defects. Show prospects and proven adults are available occasionally. I do not offer public stud service at this time.

Healthy Pets


Pet puppies are not placed prior to reaching 2 pounds in weight or 12 weeks. Your new puppy can be shipped to most major airports.

Show Dogs


Show prospect puppies are not available prior to reaching 6 months of age. Proven and pointed/titled show dogs are available only rarely.

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Biewers von Lamel

Located in Central Massachusetts.